Agricultural Shade Netting

Agricultural Shade Netting

Plastic mesh agricultural shade netting offers protective covers specifically for agricultural use to enhance earlier, higher yields and protection against winter weather, spring freezes and pests.  This kind of shade netting increases soil and air temperature during daylight hours and it slows heat loss and aids in maintaining soil temperatures at night.

Materials: Plastic mesh.
Uses: Plastic shade netting for agricultural protection can be used for frost protection, pest protection and increased yields.

Features and benefits of using shade netting for agriculture:
Early Planting and Earlier Harvest
Improved Plant Growth and Higher Yields
Frost and Cold Weather Protection
Heavy Rain, Hail and Storm Protection
Insect, Animal and Bird Protection

Suitable for: Plastic mesh for agricultural shade netting is ideal for use on crops such as sweet corn, strawberries, spinach, celery and many more. It has also been used for new lawn seeding and to protect seed from harsh sunlight and birds while helping retain soil moisture. It is also used in greenhouses to help retain moisture for seeds. Plastic shade netting for agriculture is UV stabilized to promote reuse. It is easily laid manually or mechanically. It is made to order in widths up to 50 feet. Folding is available on most products to enable deliveries.

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